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The Hour Between Dog and Wolf Cover

“To fight evil we must first understand it, and to

understand it we must, for a time, embrace it.”


The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is a two-player roleplaying game which pits a flawed hero against a vile serial killer. One player takes on the role of the Hero who struggles to balance their obsessive desire for justice with their conscience and emotional stability. Their opponent takes on the role of the Killer who tries to outsmart and manipulate the Hero while battling their own dark desires. 


The Hour Between Dog and Wolf lets you explore an existential struggle that is both personal and metaphorical. Players experience the world through the eyes of two troubled characters as their inner demons guide them on their dark journey.  The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is more than a story about a hero and a villain, it is a story of overcoming or embracing one’s darkest self and how that struggle effects the world around us.

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The Hour Between Dog and Wolf encourages players to confront thoughts and storylines that make them a little uncomfortable, but never at the expense of each other’s fun. Dabble in your darker thoughts, or fully embrace the horrors that lurk within your soul. Sessions of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf can be Dark and disturbing or any shade of grey that fits your comfort level.


"It's a quiet intensity that grows. You maybe don't know how intense it'll be when you first sit down and say "Okay, let's be killers today."

- Kate Bullock, Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming


“If you’re looking for a rock solid game that expertly ties theme to mechanics, go for Dog & Wolf. It’s worth it.”

- Tim Koppang - TCK Roleplaying

“Edgier than a tumbleweed made of razorblades”

- Zoran Dobrijevic, 401 Games


“I can't think of another indie RPG that's as tight and strategic across so many different scene types, and it really works to keep things tense. You really can't predict the outcome until the final moments.”

- Paul Czege, Half Meme Press

Sample Characters

Hero Character Sheet

The Hero
Players can choose from a variety of hero archetypes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you want to be a police detective, a psychic, or a crime buff who likes solving crimes from the comfort of their sofa, THBDaW has something for you. But always remember, hunting killers always has a price. Will your hero be forced to sacrifice their home life? Their integrity? Or perhaps their entire being.

Framing Table

The Framing Table
Players include aspects of their characters that they want to explore on the Framing Table. A roll of the dice, directly onto the Framing Table, awards players with plot points they can use to manipulate scenes, and determines what the upcoming scene should include or explore based on where the dice fall. Players then strategically choose the best type of scene to help them do that, while navigating the deadly game of cat and mouse between the two opposed protagonists.

Killer Character Sheet

The Killer
Killers come in all forms, and THBDaW provides endless possibilities based on real FBI studies and experience. Whether you want to be a 19th century black widow living the high life with the a trail of dead husbands behind her, or a rabid cannibal that lacks self control, you can play it. Build your killer from the inside out, establishing their motives, signature and deepest darkest fantasies.

Killer Character Sheet

Characters and Setting

Characters in The Hour Between Dog and Wolf are directly linked to the setting and society through their traits. In essence, the characters are the looking glass through which we see the The Hour Between Dog and Wolf world. Each character trait is essentially a metaphor for a different aspect of the setting. 

As the characters’ traits change throughout the game, so too does the world they inhabit. As the hero becomes more and more obsessed, the scenes the characters explore become darker and more horrific. As the Killer's control grows stronger the structure of the society around him begins to crumble into chaos.

Each character trait represents a different aspect of the world, allowing players to not only pit themselves agains one another, but the setting as well. By strengthening the hero's conscience and stability the killer can be defeated not just by the hero's resolve, but by the goodness and lawfulness the hero represents. Likewise, the killer's dark power can overwhelm the setting, pitting the world itself again the hero's attempts to bring the killer to justice.

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