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Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game - Cover
Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game


Kayfabe, Ka-Fabe (n, v, adj) Dating back to carnival days, this word is used in many contexts, generally referring to the protecting of industry "secrets." The word is often said by one in the business to indicate everyone around him should stop talking openly because someone not privy to the inner-workings of the business just entered a room. To "kayfabe someone" is to withhold information from them. 


Ever watch a wrestling show and say to yourself “I can write a better storyline than that!” Well, now is your chance to prove it. Kayfabe draws you into the wrestling industry like no other game has before. Set up your own wrestling shows, while at the same time dealing with all the personal issues and drama that takes place behind the curtain.


The premise behind Kayfabe is that you and the other players have set up your own independent wrestling promotion in hopes of one day rising to the top of the wrestling industry. Smart wrestling fans know that there is far more to the world of professional wrestling than two guys getting in the ring and beating each other up. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and in the ring that isn't apparent to the casual wrestling fan. Kayfabe, takes into account all of the behind the scenes intrigue, negotiating and drama that no one sees, as well as the actual wrestling we all watch on television.  Players take on the roles of the writing staff and wrestlers throughout a series of televised shows and a climactic Pay Per View event.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf Cover
The Hour Between Dog and Wolf


“To fight evil we must first understand it, and to

understand it we must, for a time, embrace it.”

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is a two-player roleplaying game which pits a flawed hero against a vile serial killer. One player takes on the role of the Hero who struggles to balance their obsessive desire for justice with their conscience and emotional stability. Their opponent takes on the role of the Killer who tries to outsmart and manipulate the Hero while battling their own dark desires. 


The Hour Between Dog and Wolf lets you explore an existential struggle that is both personal and metaphorical. Players experience the world through the eyes of two troubled characters as their inner demons guide them on their dark journey.  The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is more than a story about a hero and a villain, it is a story of overcoming or embracing one’s darkest self and how that struggle effects the world around us.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf encourages players to confront thoughts and storylines that make them a little uncomfortable, but never at the expense of each other’s fun. Dabble in your darker thoughts, or fully embrace the horrors that lurk within your soul. Sessions of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf can be Dark and disturbing or any shade of grey that fits your comfort level.

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